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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed


Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
“All About Residual Income With Adsense”
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

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This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field.
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All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
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All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
In recent years, there has been a great deal of discussion and information concerning Google’s AdSense program at
There have been truckloads of eBooks and articles written on the topic.
But in the grand scheme of things, it is a profitable program that still gets overlooked by many who are just coming online to start a business, as well as those who have been around a while.
First, let’s take a look at exactly what AdSense is and what it is all about:
“AdSense is a program for webmasters which was implemented by the famous Google some years ago.”
Essentially, a webmaster (a person who owns and builds one or more websites) signs up for an account with the program, and once they are approved, they paste the Google AdSense javascript code into the pages on their websites.
Google then starts serving ads to those websites, based on the keywords that it finds in the text of the page. When a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the webmaster makes money – usually a few cents per click.
However, when a site has a great deal of traffic, and when the webmaster knows which keywords are the most profitable to target, there is a lot of money to be made.
It sounds simple enough, but it’s really NOT that easy. First of all, you have to be approved – and Google is picky these days. The good news is that once one site is approved, and you have a Google AdSense account, there is no need to seek Google’s approval to use AdSense on any other site that you own, as long as that site is within the Google’s terms of service guidelines.
Once you are approved, you have to know which keywords to target – the ones that will make you the most amount of money per click, and how to write (or have written for you) content that makes those high paying ads appear on your site.
Finally, you have to learn how to drive traffic to your AdSense site. Without the traffic, you won’t get any clicks, and without clicks, you won’t be making any money.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Getting real, targeted visitors that are eager to click on your ads is by far the hardest part of being an AdSense publisher. There really aren’t any secrets here – it is just a matter of learning to use some basic, proven site promotion techniques.
You may have heard gurus say that Google AdSense is dead?. If you haven’t heard this, there will come a point when you will. But that really isn’t true. In fact, there are thousands of people just like you that are making very nice livings from the Google AdSense program.
Usually when a guru says that you should not use Google AdSense, they generally mean that you are better off not using it, especially when you are promoting your own product, and your website is tightly focused on that product.
However, you can use Google AdSense for a site that was built specifically for the AdSense program (Adsense Ready Sites), or on sites that you are using to promote affiliate products as well.
You should also note that many successful AdSense publishers have more than one website. They typically have numerous websites, on a variety of topics on which they display the Google ads. However, there are also those that simply have one high traffic website, from which they make money from the AdSense program.
Regardless of this, all AdSense publishers start with just one website, and grow from there, and this is what you should be doing as well. You have to get the basics down, and learn the secrets that surround the profitability of Google AdSense before you can be successful with more sites.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Preparing For Your Adsense Account
The hardest part of getting started with AdSense is getting Google to approve your website. In fact, for many, it is easier to get a $100,000 bank loan than it is to get a free Google AdSense account. The key is to be prepared before you apply.
You can’t start using Google AdSense on your pages until you are approved. This means that you must prepare to open an account, before you apply for an account.
The very first thing you must do is read Google’s Terms of Service (TOS). If your site doesn’t fall within the guidelines that Google sets out, it will be denied. Furthermore, even after you are approved and you start running Google ads on your site, if you break the TOS, you will be removed, and possibly banned, from the program.
Specifically, what you are looking for is the Program policies, which can be found at Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on then Program Policies link. The first thing to note is that Google will not accept any site that is not complete.
This means that you can’t have any pages that are ‘under construction.’ All of the pages must be complete, and all of the links must be working. Make sure that all of your graphics are also appearing correctly, because even a broken graphic can prevent you from getting approved.
Google also has a set of Quality Guidelines that must be adhered to before you can be approved. These guidelines, along with the program policies, will tell you exactly what you can and can’t have on your site, and what is expected of you and your site in terms of meeting the qualifications for a Google AdSense account. You can find these guidelines at
One mistake that so many would-be AdSense publishers make is not reading the TOS, the Program Policies, and the Webmaster Guidelines. Google lays these out in very specific terms, so there is no doubt as to the rules. They are also very serious about these rules.
Often, people skip this step in the preparation – reading the rules – work hard to build a site, only to be disapproved by Google, or to be approved, but then banned from the program later.
Don’t let this happen to you. These are rules that you must not only follow in order to get approved, but must continue to follow in order to stay in the
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
program. You don’t want to spend days and weeks putting together sites, only to get kicked out of the program later. Google is very serious about this.
Once you’ve read the rules, and made sure you understand them, the next part of the preparation is doing research to find out which topics will be the most profitable for you, and getting the site built. We will cover these topics in more depth in a later article, but for now, you just need one website that will be approved by Google.
Remember that you only have to get approved for one site in order to get in the program, and from there on, you can publish as many sites as you want, on a wide variety of topics, and use Google AdSense on them, from the one account that you have been approved for.
While many just put up a website that will meet Google’s standards, without doing any research in order to get approved, you could also take a little longer, and go ahead and build a site that you can use to target the high paying keywords.
This is totally up to you, and it really doesn’t matter much which direction you go, as long as the site will get you approved for a Google AdSense account.
I usually recommend creating and building a blog, and apply using that one. You may not know this, but Google owns Blogger...
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Applying For Your Adsense Account
Once you are prepared to apply for a Google AdSense account, it’s as simple as filling out a form. But there are some aspects of that form that can be a bit confusing.
In this section, I’ll go over filling out the form, so that Google will approve you without any problems. You can find the form to apply for an AdSense account at:
The first thing that the form asks for is the URL of your website. Note that even if you have multiple sites, Google only wants to see one. So, list the URL of the site that you have set up for the purpose of being approved for Google AdSense, and enter the URL like this:
You do not have to include the http:// part of the URL, and don’t include any subpages of the URL, such as Google wants to see the main page of the site, at the top level domain.
Next, Google wants to know what language your site is published in. If your site supports multiple languages, this is fine, but this isn’t what Google wants to know. They want to know the primary language of the site – this would be the language that you used to write the pages, such as English.
The next question on the form throws a lot of people into a tail spin. It asks if you are setting up an individual or business account.
Here is a way to simplify this question: If you do not have an office or business that currently has 20 or more employees, you are an individual. It doesn’t matter what your future plans are. Next, select the country that you live in.
The following part of the form asks for your information: name, street address, city, and state. It is important to note that when Google pays you, the check will be made out to the name that you put here, and sent to the address that you put here. So, use the information that you need to use here in order to receive the check, and to cash or deposit the check.
After your name and address, Google wants your telephone number. They probably won’t call you, but sometimes they will, if there is a problem or a question. Give a good phone number where you can be reached. You do not have to provide a fax number.
Here, you can also choose to receive Google’s newsletter – or not. Choosing not to receive the newsletter will not have any affect on whether or not you are approved.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Following this, there are five check boxes, all of which must be checked, before you can submit the application.
By checking these boxes, you are saying that you will not click on the ads on your pages, that you will not encourage visitors to click on your ads (incentives), that you are able to receive checks that are made out to you, that you will not place ads on pornographic sites, and that you have read the AdSense program policies.
Finally, you submit the form, and prepare to wait. Your site will be checked by a live human being. Approval is manual, not automated, and it can take up to three business days (72 hours) before you hear from a Google representative. That contact usually comes via email.
- Wait, what is this “Product selection”?
This appears on some application forms and seems confusing to many -- choose both: AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search. This means that you can run both, but don’t have to run both.
You can have Google ads appear on your pages (AdSense for Content) and you can also include a Google search box on your pages (AdSense for Search), and when people use those search boxes, and click on sponsored ads in the results, you get paid for those clicks as well.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
I Have My Account – Now What?
Now that you’ve been approved for a Google Account, by building a site that Google would easily approve, and you’ve selected a high paying topic for your site, you are ready to get to work and build your first profitable AdSense website.
If you have not already done so (you should have), you really need to go and read the program policies that Google has set, as well as their Webmaster Guidelines. This will help you to build a better site, and to avoid issues that can and will get you banned from the Google AdSense program.
Your site should be full of content that uses your keywords. A keyword density of between 2 and 3% is great. This means that your keyword should be used approximately 2 to 3% of the time in your content. So, for a page that has 600 words of content, the keyword would appear twelve to eighteen times (600 x 2% or 600 x 3%).
There is more to it than targeting keywords. The content must be accurate. It must be readable and understandable by visitors – and most importantly:
“It Must Be Unique!”
You should use all of the search engine optimization techniques as possible when building your site. Not only will this attract the right ads, but it will also help your site to move up in the search results, for the purpose of driving traffic to your site.
You want your site to look nice, to be informative, and to load fast. You want it to attract the right ads. You do not want anything on your pages that will irritate your visitor, such as blinking, blinding text or music.
Make it a site that you would want to visit, and then ask an uninterested party, such as your neighbor (not your best friend or your mother) if it is a site that they would want to visit, if they were interested in the topic.
Now, you are ready to place the AdSense javascript code on your pages. Log in to your AdSense account. Click on the AdSense Set up tab at the top of the page.
First, click on Channels, and set up a Channel for the topic of your site. This will come in handy later on, when you are analyzing which of your sites is pulling in the most money.
Next, click on palettes, and create a color palette that matches your site well. You want your Google ads to blend into your site. If they stand out like a sore thumb,
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
they will get fewer clicks, simply because people really do try to avoid advertisements.
You want the ads to look like content on your site. Once you’ve set up a palette that matches your site, click on products. Choose AdSense for content to create your ad units.
Here, you can choose ads that are enclosed in a box, or ads that are more free standing, but still just text links. It is a good idea to choose the link unit to add above or below your navigational links, and you can design your site navigation links to look just like the Google link units.
Above – the perfect example of a well optimized ad placement
You can use the ad units (boxed in) on other sections of your site. Those who have been in the Google AdSense game for a while have done years worth of testing on the topic of ad unit placement.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Ideally, you will use ‘text ads only’ as your setting. Note that Google has limits as to how many Google ads can be used on your page, please check with the TOS.
As you can see, it is fairly easy enough setting things up, but it takes a lot more thought and effort than that. What you must remember is that you often only make a few cents when someone clicks an ad. Each click can pay as little as one cent, but I have seen amounts up to three dollars.
The most successful AdSense publishers are targeting keywords that pay the most amount of money. These AdSense publishers use a variety of tools to find out what the high paying keywords are. These tools include keyword research tools, such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite.
They spend a great deal of time researching those keywords, finding out what the top keywords are, in terms of number of people searching for them, and what word combinations are being used. These are words and phrases that they will target in the content of their sites.
Next, they determine which of those top keywords topics pay the most money per click. Those who have been in the AdSense “game” for a while are not going to build sites that target keywords that only pay one cent per click!
These AdSense publishers use the tools that Google provides to help determine which keywords are paying the most to the publishers. Unfortunately, you won’t find these tools inside your Google AdSense account. No, You need a Google AdWords account for this -
You see, Google has two programs that work together: Google AdSense and Google AdWords. Business owners use Google AdWords to promote their products and websites and it’s those ads that are shown on your Google AdSense ads. The business owner pays Google for each click generated on your website, and Google pays you for the service.
It’s free to create a Google AdWords account. Once created, You just get in there and start using the tools that are there to see how much bids are for the keywords that you’ve discovered using keyword selection tools such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite.
By doing this, you have access to the same information that the people who are paying for ads has, and this helps you to build more profitable AdSense websites.
This is a nice trick that Google won’t tell you about, and that most AdSense publishers won’t care to share it with you. Having a Google AdWords account is
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
the key to finding out which keywords are going to pay you the most amount of money per click.
Choosing the right high paying keywords, however, isn’t everything; You need traffic – and lots of it, simply because low traffic sites will NOT make you a full-time living. This is why most publishers have more than one website.
They find the top keywords in terms of number of searches, figure out the keywords from that list that pay the most amount of money per click, and then build sites, lots of sites...
A successful AdSense publisher may have sites on topics such as fishing, weight loss, video games, making money, and many more. When you have multiple sites, you can make a nice living with a mid level amount of traffic to each site.
If you have hundreds of sites, like I have, you can make a living even with low traffic. So, here is some food for thought: The more traffic you have per site, the fewer sites you will need to earn a living from AdSense.
“You need to decide on which path to go: Quantity or Quality?”
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Topic Selection?
Next you need to learn how the experts select topics for their Google AdSense sites. Choosing the right topics (keywords) is the difference between success and failure!
Let’s take a look at the various tools that you will use, and how you will use them. First, you need keyword research tools. You can find out what the top keywords that are being searched for are with a web based tools such as Word Tracker, at There is a fee for using this tool, but you can sign up for a free trial.
But finding the most frequently searched for keywords isn’t enough. Once you have a good list of what people are searching for the most, the next step is to find out how profitable those keywords are.
Not all frequently searched for keywords are profitable, and if you hope to make a full time living with Google AdSense, you need high paying keywords.
Now, before you rush out in search of a list of high paying keywords, note that even if there was such a list, it would constantly be changing, just as the list of frequently searched for keywords changes.
Furthermore, you don’t seriously believe that other AdSense publishers are going to share such a list, if one even existed, do you? They wouldn’t. You have to find this information yourself.
Here is where having a Google AdWords account will come in handy. You can see what the advertisers are paying to get in the top position of the search results for their keywords. Simply log in to your free Google AdWords account, and click on ‘tools.’ Next, click on Keyword Tool.
...or in case you don’t have an Adword account, just go to:
Enter your keywords, and then in the drop down box below that, select ‘Cost and Ad Position Estimates.’ Type 5.00 in the last box, and hit ‘calculate.’ Now, Google will display possible keywords, based on the main keyword that you entered. Next to each keyword, you will see the estimated average CPC (cost per click) and the estimated position.
You want to view the CPC for the keywords that will fall into the top five on position, stated as 1 – 3 or 1 – 5. As of this writing, using the keyword phrase ‘weight loss’ you would see that the estimated CPC for ‘best weight loss program’
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
is 2.54. Now, as an advertiser, that is what you would pay per click for an ad that is being run on position 1 – 3 when that keyword phrase is searched for.
As a publisher, however, you would not make 2.54 per click. Google wants their share as well. Google doesn’t state what percentage is earned by the publisher, however. It varies, and how that percentage is figured is Google’s secret, and they are not sharing that information!
You basically have to pull a percentage out of the air to work with. Try using 30% as a guide.
Once you start getting clicks, you can then look to see what the estimated CPC is in AdWords, and then see how much you were paid for that click in AdSense to find out how much Google is paying you per click for that keyword. Again, this varies from one keyword to the next, so there are no set guidelines here.
Keep in mind that it’s maximum bid that’s displayed, meaning that’s what the advertiser would have to pay per click on an ad being shown on positions 1 to 3 in the sponsored search results.
Now imagine if you have lots of ad blocks on your page -- that will enable the cheaper ads to be displayed as well. You will discover that most of the time you’ll end up getting clicks on those, thereby making only a few cents...
“My suggestion: Less Ad Blocks! - This Will Get You More Revenue Per Click!”
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Traffic Generation - Methods To Avoid
There are many ways to get traffic to a site. You will most likely do research to find out about those traffic generation methods.
Methods such as article marketing, forum marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social networking, blogging, and social bookmarking all work very well. But in the world of Internet Marketing, there are also traffic techniques that you should avoid, for various reasons.
“Incidentally, we’ll kick start this section of Adsense Profits Blueprint with traffic techniques you should avoid”
1. First, do not ever pay for traffic from a site that promises you a great deal of traffic in a short amount of time. The traffic that you get will not be targeted, and will be of no use to you at all. The same applies to traffic exchange sites.
In fact, many of these sites are scam sites, and the traffic that you get will actually be automated traffic, not real traffic. Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC as it is known, is not the same as these sites that promise traffic for a fee.
Go to Google and do a search for “buy website traffic” and make sure NOT to buy from any of those, because this is useless traffic that in the end will get you banned!
2. Do not spend hours, or even use automated software to submit your site to free classified ad sites or free for all link sites. This only results in lots of spam for you. It does not result in traffic.
3. Don’t use pop ups. People hate these, and most people now have software installed that keeps pop ups from popping. Avoid other irritating elements on your site as well, such as blinking text and music, and colors that clash. Your visitors will hit the back button in one second flat! Besides – popups are against the Adsense TOS.
4. Don’t use false statements or exaggerated statements in your advertising. This may get you visitors, but it will irritate them, and they won’t click on links.
Instead, they will either close the browser, or hit the back button. You may not be selling anything, but this is false advertisement none-the-less, and it makes people very angry.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
There are two huge mistakes that many newcomers make:
1. The biggest is doing nothing at all. You can build a site, but if you don’t advertise it in anyway, you are not going to get a drop of traffic.
2. The second biggest mistake is not tracking your advertising. If you don’t know what works, and what doesn’t, you will be wasting time and possibly money.
Track all of your advertisements to see where your traffic comes from, and where it doesn’t come from. In the end, you will be glad that you did.
Overall, that’s all that you need to avoid. Other than that, you need to make sure that you are using proven site promotion techniques, which are listed above.
These other outdated methods simply do not work. They are not worth your time, effort, or money. You need to know where the traffic comes from, and you also need to know how well your ads are performing.
You may have a great amount of traffic, but very few clicks. It’s important to track the traffic and the ad performance, so you know what to fix!
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Traffic Generation - Article Marketing
If you have an AdSense website, you need traffic to make money from that site! There are numerous ways to get traffic, but since we all have limited time, you want to cut right to the chase, and find out what works. Article marketing is one of the best traffic generation methods you can use.
Article marketing is a very successful and easy concept. It is used by all successful Internet Marketers, and when it comes to website promotion, you must look at things from an Internet Marketers point of view, even though, as an AdSense publisher, you aren’t exactly selling any product.
Again, the concept is easy. You write a short article, approximately 400 words long. At the bottom of the article, you write an ‘author’s resource box.’ This is just a simple paragraph of text that says who the author is, gives a little background info on the author, and most importantly - a link to the author’s website. It’s about five to seven sentences long.
Once the article is ready, you visit numerous article directories, which are also referred to as article banks and article repositories, and submit your article. That’s all there is to article marketing.
Now, many people use these article directories. They go there to find information, or to find content for their own websites, blogs, or newsletters. The article that you submitted is free for them to use, as long as they publish it with the author’s resource box intact, and they don’t make any changes to the article.
Because so many other people can (and will) publish your article elsewhere, it becomes viral. This drives traffic to your site, on a continual basis. But one article submission is not going to be enough. You need to be submitting one article per week, to at least the top ten article directories.
Note that there are faster ways to get traffic, such as using Google AdWords, but article marketing is free, and again, the traffic that you will eventually get from the articles being published is fairly steady.
Here are five important tips for article marketing:
1. Don’t use the same content that you have on your site. Your site could end up getting penalized for duplicate content.
2. Before you write your first article, visit one of the popular directories, such as Ezine Articles at to see what your article should be like. You can also get ideas for your author’s resource box here.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
3. Writers Block? Lack of time? Use PLR articles, or hire a ghostwriter to write and submit articles for you. Make sure that you are submitting one article per week! If you use private label rights (PLR) articles, make sure that you rewrite them before submitting them.
4. Make sure that the topic of your article matches the topic of your site, and the topic of the ads that are being displayed through your Google AdSense ads. This will get you the best results.
5. Use your keywords in your article. This is search engine fodder; it drives the article up in the search engine results, which in turn brings more traffic to your site.
Don’t expect immediate results. Sometimes, it takes the article directories several days, and in some cases, several weeks, to publish your article. You need to be using additional traffic generation techniques as well.
Even if you aren’t seeing results from your article marketing techniques, keep at it. Remember, it takes time for it to ‘kick in,’ but when it does, it is well worth the effort.
Make sure to watch my Automated Traffic Blueprints video on how to outsource your traffic generation tasks..
Automated Traffic Blueprints
( http://www.AutomatedTrafficBlueprints.Net )
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Traffic Generation – Blogs
You’ve probably heard that there is a great deal of money to be made by using blogs – whether you are into affiliate marketing, or an AdSense publisher. You can use a blog in several different ways.
First, you can use just the blog, as opposed to having a separate static website. You can also use a blog to drive traffic to a static website. Either way works, but in the long run, it’s easier to have a blog, with your own domain, hosted on a web server, than it is to operate both a blog and a website.
Promoting a blog is much easier and faster than promoting a website, because blogs are so interactive.
For instance, people can come to your blog, subscribe to it, leave comments on it, and go to their own blogs and write about something that you wrote about, quote you and leave a trackback. This works the opposite way as well.
To promote a blog, there are very specific things you do:
1. You ping your blog after each post. You can do this at a site such as, which will send the ping to multiple blog directories at one time.
2. You use social bookmarks each time you make a post, tagging the post with your keywords. You can quickly and easily send out multiple bookmarks at one time by using a free service such as
3. You burn your feed at a free site such as This lists your feed in their directory, so that people may subscribe before they’ve ever even visited your blog.
4. You visit relevant blogs that belong to others, and leave relevant comments (not comment spam) with a link back to your own blog.
5. You quote other people’s blogs – just portions, not the entire post – and link to it using your trackback feature. Your link to that post will automatically appear on their trackback list for that post, if they have enabled trackbacks.
6. You use the same promotional techniques that you use for a static website, along with the five techniques listed above.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
If you can, make a blog post each day. Otherwise, you should be making a blog post each and every week, once a week. If you’re blog isn’t updated, you can’t really promote it very well.
If you want to use the other method, where you have a blog and a website, you can do this as well. The idea here is to use the same promotional techniques for the blog, and then in each blog post, point to your website.
As you can see, if you are an AdSense publisher, this may be a bit redundant, since you can publish the same information on your blog, and it gets promoted in much the same way – and you can put AdSense on your blog just as you can on static webpages.
Generally, if someone has both a blog and a website, it is because they are promoting several products, or their own product. Again, as an AdSense publisher, with no other source of revenue, it makes sense to just have a blog, instead of a static website as well.
A Blog Auto Poster can automate lots of the tedious tasks of getting new content to your blogs. Here’s a cool tool you can use if you are using Wordpress blogs..
Auto Blog Feeder
( )
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Traffic Generation – Video Marketing
Video is becoming increasingly more important to cyber citizens, and essentially to online business owners, and even to AdSense site owners. You can drive traffic to your sites with the use of video and free video websites. Everybody loves video. Even Google now offers video ads for AdSense.
Sites like Google Video, You Tube, and Yahoo Video get tons of traffic every single day, and you can easily take advantage of that. You have two options for creating video. You can use a digital video camera, or you can use screen capture video software.
With a digital video camera, you can make a video of basically anything, and then upload that video to your computer, and then to the video websites. With screen capture video software, you don’t need a camera. You can just make a video of what is appearing on your computer screen.
For instance, if you have a website that reviews software, for which you earn AdSense revenue and affiliate revenue from software sales, you could purchase the software, and make a video that shows people how to use it. Videos such as these are in high demand. Just make sure that the video that you produce is relevant to the topic of your website.
Once you have a video, you want to be sure that it is of high quality. It should sound right and look right, and you may want to try it out on different computers to make sure that it is as good as you can get it. You do not want to present a video to the public that doesn’t have good quality, because this is a bad reflection on you.
Next, sign up for a free account at the three popular video sites, and upload your video. Create a profile, and of course include your website address in that profile. You can also use software to watermark your URL on your video, so that while it is being viewed, the URL remains in plain site. When you write descriptions for your videos, be sure to include your keywords, and your URL.
There is another way that you can use video, without creating it. Again, visit the video websites, and find video that is already there, which relates to your site. It’s there and free for you to use. Start the video, and look for a button near it that says ‘embed.’ You will be given code. Paste that code on your webpage where you want the video to appear.
Now, make sure that you put a description of the video, again using your keywords, above the video. Your AdSense ads will be served focused on the keywords in that description. Make sure you list this page with the search engines as well.
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This is not duplicate content, as long as you write your own unique description. The search engine spiders can see that there is a video there, but they can’t watch the video.
They will pay more attention to the description that you write. This is a great way to fill up a site with content, in a very short amount of time, without having to write very much. Just simply make your site video based, or a combination of text and video or audio.
Even though the video is available elsewhere, people will still come to your site to view it. Hopefully, while they are there, they will click on some ads! You can use audio in the same way, again ensuring that you write a textual description of the audio file. This may get you even more clicks, because there is nothing to watch!
Have you ever heard of “Video Web Wizard”? - Using this software, you could have one of more streaming videos on your website in just 10 minutes!
Video Web Wizard
( )
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Traffic Generation - Forum marketing
Forum Marketing has been around as long as forums have existed. Forums are known by a variety of names: bulletin boards and message boards are common names.
A forum is essentially where people with an interest in a specific topic post messages, where other people who are members of that forum can reply to them. It’s a great way to share and learn information about a topic of interest.
Forum marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Now, before you run to the nearest forum that relates to your topic and post a message about your wonderful website, you need to know that the quality forums (the forums that you want to participate in) are not going to allow you to do that.
So, how can you advertise your AdSense site in the forums, without advertising?
- You use a signature file. This is allowed in most forums. A signature file is essentially text that has your name, your website address, and maybe a small slogan. It looks like this:
First and Last Name
Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Topic – And Then Some.
You use your signature file at the bottom of all of your posts. Some forums allow you to set up your signature file in your profile, and every time you make a post, it will automatically be inserted at the bottom.
Now, there are several ways that you can use the forums. First, you can seek out posts that you can reply to. Second, you can post questions that others reply to. You can also just post pertinent information.
To find forums that relate to your topic, go to any search engine, and type in your topic discussion. If your topic is fishing, you would type in fishing discussion. You will get a huge number of results.
You want to pick out about five forums to actively participate in. Ideally, you will make at least one post per day in each forum that you participate in, so choose a number of forums that you have time to post in each day.
When looking at the forums, you want forums where there are a large number of members – 500 to 1000 are good. You also want one that is active. Look at the
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dates of the most recent posts. Were they today or yesterday? If not, the forum isn’t active enough for your purposes.
You want to avoid forums where all of the posts are advertisements, where is the perfect example. They may have a huge number of members, and it may be active, but nobody is reading the posts. Instead, they are just posting advertisements.
Make sure that your posts are relevant and stay on topic. Failing to do so can get you banned from the forum, and it can also quickly ruin your reputation within your niche. When you make a post, make sure that it is grammatically correct, and that everything is spelled correctly.
Never, ever ‘flame’ people in the forums. When you flame someone, you are essentially starting a fight. This won’t be tolerated. It is, however, okay to disagree with someone in the forums, as long as it is done in a civil and polite way. Always remember your purpose – to drive traffic to your website.
When you see a post that relates to specific information on your site, you can drive people to that page within your post. This is not advertising, because you aren’t selling anything.
There is another way to use forums to your advantage. Set up a forum on your own website. You can publish your AdSense ads there, and you can build up a following.
These people will visit your forum on a regular basis, because they are interested in the topic, and they want to communicate with others who are interested in the topic.
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Traffic Generation – Social Networking
Have you heard of ? If not, it means that you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with no access to any news what-so-ever.
Seriously - Twitter has exploded lately to be one of the most popular social networking sites, and it’s one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet today.
What does this mean for you? It means that you can use it to drive traffic to your AdSense site. You can take advantage of all of the traffic that Twitter gets. It’s sitting there waiting for you to come and get it!
Social Networking is an element of Web 2.0 that has really gained in popularity over the years. Everyone is doing it, and this is a great way to find and drive traffic.
Simply go to and set up your profile. It’s free. You can find a multitude of free layouts for your Twitter page, and really dress it up. Be sure to post your website on your profile as well for your followers to see and visit. Once your page is ready to go, start networking with other people.
Visit other people’s pages, and follow them. When they discover that you follow them, they will in most cases follow you. Build your twitter followers’ list.
From Wikipedia:
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as “tweets”.
Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers.
Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. While the service costs nothing to use, accessing it through SMS may incur phone service provider fees.
The key is to be active. Post your tweets several times a day, reply to your followers tweets, and find new twitter friends to follow as well.
You can find more information about social networking, and more social networking sites, by typing in ‘social networking’ in your favorite search engine. Social networking is big. It’s where people are going when they log on to their personal computers (and often their computers at work).
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Traffic comes from traffic. You get traffic from the search engines not only because you rank high, but because that search engine gets traffic. You get traffic from forum marketing because the forums that you participate in get traffic.
Since traffic essentially comes from traffic, you need to make social networking a part of your overall traffic generation strategy – because the social networking sites have tons of traffic.
Be careful! Social Networking is fun, and you can find that you spend too much time doing it, and not pay attention to other promotional techniques. This is a mistake. Make sure that you participate regularly, but on a schedule. Have a starting and stopping time before you login to the site! Remember your purpose.
I’ve found the perfect guide on how to use Twitter to generate traffic, which will take you by the hand and guide you through all the pitfalls...
Twitter Traffic Swarm
( )
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Traffic Generation - Social Bookmarking
The potential in Social Bookmarking has increased dramatically during 2007.
“You need Social Bookmarking!”
Social bookmarking is a key element of Web 2.0, and it is a great way to get a great deal of traffic, in a very short amount of time. It is very easy and fast to do, and it’s also free.
Social bookmarking sites are essentially places where people who are registered can list – or bookmark – their favorite sites. Those bookmarks are shared with all other users of the social bookmarking site as well. Millions of people use these sites on a daily basis.
Here is what you do. You go to and register. Again, it’s free. Once you’ve registered and logged in, you will be presented with what looks like a form. This is actually a list of social bookmarking sites, and you need to open up each of those sites (in a new page or tab) and register with them.
Go back to the page at and put in the username and password you used for each of those sites, and click the save button. Now, follow the directions on the site, and move the icon up into your toolbar. You are ready to start social bookmarking!
Go to each page on your website. Click the icon in your toolbar, and you will be brought to a page at Fill in the information, tagging that page with the keywords that are relevant to it. Hit the submit button. instantly sends that bookmark, along with its tags (i.e. keywords), to all of those social bookmarking sites.
Do that for each page on your site, and each time you add a new page to your site. Now, when other members of those social bookmarking sites are looking for information, they go to their favorite social bookmarking site, type in their keyword, and if it is a keyword that you used, your site pops up in the results. Again, you get traffic fairly fast from social bookmarking.
It takes approximately one hour to get fully set up for social bookmarking, but bookmarking one page takes less than one minute. So, even if you have a twenty page website, it will only take you an hour and twenty minutes to get fully set up, and get each of those pages bookmarked.
You can also ask others to add your page to their favorite social bookmarking site. Unlike search engines, where there are a variety of factors in play that determine how high you rank, with the social bookmarking sites, when more people add
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your site to their bookmarks at the social networking sites, the higher your page appears in the search results at those sites.
You can’t pay them for a higher listing. So, ask friends and relatives to bookmark your site, and also post an invitation to do this on your website directly as well.
You will also be building inbound links to your site, which will aid in search engine optimization. Remember that these sites are considered ‘important’ by the search engines, which makes those inbound links very valuable.
Note that many people now use social bookmarking sites to find information that they are interested in more than they use search engines. The search engines seem to have become polluted with advertisements that may not even be related to the keywords.
For a more visual approach to social bookmarking, here are some videos that I highly recommend...
The Tag & Ping Video Tutorial
( )
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Traffic Generation – Google Adwords
Some AdSense publishers use Google AdWords to drive traffic to their sites. Now, in case you didn’t know, Google AdWords is the program that supplies the ads that you are showing on your site with Google AdSense. Does it make sense to use AdWords to promote an AdSense site? In some cases, it does – it’s called “Adsense Arbitrage”
It is tricky, however. Remember that you are targeting high paying keywords. This means that if you target those same keywords with your own AdWords campaign, you would not only be paying a large amount of money, you would also run the risk of not having the money that you earn from AdSense cover the cost of your AdWords ads.
Here is the secret. First, set a budget for your AdWords campaign that you can afford to pay, regardless of your AdSense income. Next, don’t choose the same keywords for your AdWords ads as you do for your AdSense site. Now you are probably wondering how that would work out.
Let’s say that your website is focused on the topic of weight loss for diabetic women. You could target a lower paying keyword for your AdWords campaign, such as diabetes or diabetic supplies. Again, it is tricky, and it does take some thought.
It is vital that you keep a close eye on your ad campaigns and your clicks. You can easily see how much you’ve spent, and how much you’ve earned in relation to what you have spent. If you are spending more than you are earning, you need to rethink using Google AdWords, or tweak and tune until you are earning more than you spend.
Aside from that, setting up a Google AdWords campaign is very easy. You simply sign up for the program, write your ad, choose your keywords, set your budget, set how much you are willing to pay for each click, and activate the ad to run.
While you are targeting different keywords, those keywords may be relevant enough to your site for the ad to appear on your own site! You don’t want this to happen. Go into your AdSense account, and using the filter, exclude your site from appearing in ads on your site.
You can target your own keywords with your AdWords ads also, but again, this is tricky, and you need to make sure that you are bidding low for those keywords. That, in turn, gets you less traffic, but with a budget set, Google will work to get your ad clicked on each day until the daily budget has been met.
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Ideally, you should not use Google AdWords to promote a Google AdSense site until you have a thorough understanding of how each program works, and you are sure that you can generate more income than you are spending on the AdWords ads.
Again, use caution, and remember that you will be paying for each click that you receive.
Also, take advantage of free credits for AdWords. Google offers free credits for signing up, and you can elect to take surveys and such for which you will be given credits as well.
These credits can add up, and you should take advantage of them whenever possible.
It is important to note that if you are going to pay for traffic, you should not waste that traffic. That’s why you should always make sure to capture your visitors email; building an opt-in list, so that you can recycle that traffic!
To build an opt-in list, you need an Autoresponder, such as and you need to put code on every single page for people to sign up for your list. Once someone signs up, you can bring them back to your site over and over again through email marketing.
Recommended Resource: Learn how to use master Google Adwords with Steven Holdaway, owner of
GMoney Pro
( )
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Traffic Generation – SEO
Last, but certainly not least...
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays an important role in advertising a website. This is how you get a higher listing in the search results, when keywords that are relevant to your website are searched for. The more optimized your site is, the higher it will be in the search engine results.
This brings what is known as natural search traffic to your website. Natural search traffic means that someone found your site in the search engine results because it was naturally listed high enough for them to find it. You didn’t pay to get it listed higher.
There are two types of SEO: on site and offsite. Off site is the easiest to explain, and all it entails is getting inbound links to your site. This means that you get a link to your site listed on other people’s websites.
However, they must be quality links for the search engines to pay any attention to them. You want to get your link on sites that are important. The search engine considers sites that have a high Google page rank, and a low Alexa rank important.
The more quality inbound links you get, the more important your own site becomes, as far as the search engines are concerned. Above all, do not use link farms, and avoid reciprocal linking (i.e exchange links). You can get your link on sites by participating in the forums with a signature file, or by commenting on blogs and such.
Another way to get more links is to participate in N-Way Link Exchange Services, that enables you to exchange links without having to go looking for webmasters willing to exchange links. These services does not do rely on or support reciprocal linking, but rather on 1-way linking, and 3-way linking schemes.
I highly recommend getting all three of these services – I use them myself and without them you wouldn’t have found this free ebook on adsense…
.. and make sure to read all the testimonials - Awesome!
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When you are getting links on other sites, mix it up. Don’t just link to your main page all the time. Search engines become more interested when they see multiple sites linking to various pages on your site, instead of just the main one. Build inbound links slowly. Search engines become suspicious when you get too many inbound links too fast!
There are numerous elements of on site SEO. First, you want very clean HTML code. Search engines don’t like messy code that contains numerous errors. Use an HTML code validator to check your code. Make sure to put javascript and style sheet code in separate include files.
Make sure that you use your keywords appropriately. First, you should have a keyword density of 2 to 3%. If there are 1200 words on the page, your keyword should appear 24 to 36 times in that content.
Use your keywords in all ‘alt’ tags. There are alt tags for images, tables, and links. Also use your keywords in the ‘title’ tag which is in the ‘head’ tag at the top of the code. Search engines love links. Remember this. Do some internal linking in your content, using text links.
When linking, avoid linking words like ‘here’ or ‘click here.’ This does nothing for SEO. Instead, for example if your keyword was weight loss, you might have a link that says ‘weight loss information for women over 40.’ Make sure that you put your keywords in bold letters, and use the H1 or H2 tags for your titles and subtitles, which should also contain your keywords.
Build a site map, upload it to your server, and link to it on all of your pages. Search engines love site maps. In fact, Google makes it easy to create a free site map that you can use for your site.
Do not use any hidden text. Do not spam your keywords. Use them in natural ways. Write natural sentences. Search engines are very hard to fool, and if you use ‘black hat’ SEO techniques, the search engine spiders will simply stop visiting, and your site won’t get listed!
Finally, do not use any content on your site that can be found elsewhere. All of your content must be original, or the search engine will view it as duplicate content, and ignore it.
I recently stumbled upon this great SEO video course called “7 Deadly SEO Mistakes”, and would like you to have it as well (Yes – It Is Free):
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Keys To Success
There are numerous factors that will determine your success in the Google AdSense program. There is no luck to it. You can be the most unlucky person in the world, and still succeed with Google AdSense. It’s all about understanding exactly how to run your Google AdSense Empire.
Note the word ‘empire.’ That’s where a great deal of your success will come from. If you just have one site that you run Google AdSense on, your chances for success are very limited.
You will have to drive huge amounts of traffic to that site in order to make Google AdSense worth your time and effort. Ideally, you should have numerous sites on a variety of topics.
Choosing the right topics – the highest paying topics – is also another factor for AdSense success. If you have ten sites, all with keywords that only pay five cents a click, you will need to keep your traditional job, or look for another source of income.
You will make a little money, but not enough to live on. Choose topics based on the highest paying keywords for success.
Choosing topics that have a high amount of searches is also a factor, but there is a trick to it. For instance, weight loss is a highly searched for topic, but it’s too varied, and too competitive.
Instead, narrow your focus on weight loss, and choose a niche within a niche, such as Hoodia weight loss, or weight loss for diabetic women. While you may earn a little less per click, you will be able to focus more greatly on getting traffic to the site.
Your ad units, ad links, and search boxes should match your site for best results. If the ads stand out too much, they will get fewer clicks. AdSense publishers have been testing ad placement and palettes since the the AdSense program started, and you would do well to follow what that research has found.
Traffic is the next factor for determining Google AdSense success. Without traffic, there is no success.
You need to use all of the proven traffic driving techniques at your disposal to drive as much traffic to your site as possible, on a continual basis. Content may be king, but if that is so, Traffic is the Pope, and even the king answers to the Pope.
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Another factor for Google AdSense success is continuing to build. You need to continually add new content to your site, and create new sites. Keep an eye on the most frequently searched keywords.
Publish sites for at least the top ten, and then continue to build that empire. Even if you just added one page a month to each site, you could still keep it under control and have time to do other things.
For best results, get a server that will allow you to host unlimited domains. This will make it easier to keep track of everything and to update sites. Also use content management systems for your sites, where you can easily add content, without having to design a new page. Blogs are also great for AdSense.
Writing fresh content is time consuming, and buying fresh content can get expensive. If you find yourself in this dilemma, purchase private label rights articles, and pay a writer to rewrite them.
You will find that the content is produced much faster, and much cheaper. You could also opt to rewrite the content yourself.
The most important success factor for AdSense, however, is how much time and effort you are willing to put into it. The less time you put into it, the less success you will have. The more you put into it, the more success you will have, as long as you are taking the other factors into consideration.
My site offers not only Adsense Ready Sites, but also lots of Private Label Rights (PLR) material on various topics, Unmetered Hosting with Unlimited Domains and tons of eBooks and Tools with Master Resell Rights! You can even purchase domains for a low yearly cost!
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Keys To Failure
“Help! Google banned me from the AdSense program!”
This is a common cry that you will hear on AdSense related forums. Yet another person who failed to read and adhere to the Google AdSense program policies. It happens every single day. Will it happen to you?
The worst mistake you can possibly make in the Google AdSense program is not reading the rules, or not following those rules. So, if you have not already done so, stop what you are doing, and go read the Google AdSense Program Policy, as well as the Webmasters Guidelines that Google has provided. These are found within your Google AdSense account.
Other than breaking the rules and getting banned, there are also numerous mistakes that people make that cause them to fail with Google AdSense. The biggest mistake is failing to do research before choosing a topic for your site.
If you’ve chosen a topic that few people are interested in, you will fail. It won’t matter how nice or informative your site is. If people aren’t interested, they aren’t going to search for it, and they aren’t going to visit.
Failing to blend the Google AdSense ads in with your site is another common mistake. Learn to use the tools that Google gives you. Use the palette to make your ads look like content on your pages.
For example, use the ad link ads above or below – or even in the middle of – your navigational links on your page. This will get them more clicks. See below for an example from the Adware/Spyware site:
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Also, use the limits that Google has set on the ad units, ad link unit, search units, and referral units on each and every page of your site. The more you have on there, the more clicks you will receive.
Keep in mind my suggestion on fewer ad units; the highest paying ads are always shown, and if you have fewer ad blocks, it will make you more money per click. Your site’s design and layout will ultimately decide what’s best – you need to test it to make sure.
Another common mistake that people make is assuming that they can hurry up and get rich from Google AdSense sites and throwing together sites in two minutes. While you do want an empire of sites, those sites must be valuable to the visitors.
They must be worth visiting. In fact, even if your purpose is to earn income from Google AdSense, AdSense rules specifically state that you are not to build sites with the specific purpose of running AdSense ads.
Tweaking and tuning is vital to your success. Let’s say that you’ve done the research, chosen a well searched for, high paying niche, and built a fabulous site.
You’ve placed AdSense code on the site, and you are getting a good amount of traffic to that site, but your ads aren’t being clicked on. Something is wrong somewhere and it is your job as an AdSense publisher to find the problem and fix it.
Then there are those that do have AdSense success, and act too quickly on it. One month, they become a member of the ‘UPS Club,’ which is the AdSense publishers term for people that make so much money from AdSense that their checks are literally delivered via UPS, not postal mail.
So, you become a member of the UPS club, and you quit your day job.
That’s a huge mistake. First, Google could change their rules at the drop of a hat, and your AdSense revenue could fall dramatically. Many things can go wrong.
That doesn’t mean that AdSense can’t replace your income, it can if you do it right, but because things can change so fast, it is wise to have a years worth of salary equal to what you earn from your traditional job, in the bank, before you quit that job and depend on AdSense.
If you do this, and Google makes changes that have a negative impact on your income, you will still be okay financially until you can make changes to your sites that will get the AdSense income flowing again.
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
How To Increase Adsense Revenue
There is a great deal more to making money from AdSense than just putting up a site and putting Google AdSense ad code on those pages. In fact, successful AdSense publishers spend several hours per week – after the site is built and the ads are running – ensuring that they are getting the absolute most possible revenue from those AdSense sites, by using a variety of optimization techniques.
First, use the channels feature in your AdSense account. This allows you to assign different sites to different channels, so that you are able to see which topics/sites are the most profitable for you.
With this information, you can easily focus more time and energy on those sites that are making the money, and less time and energy on those that are not.
Successful publishers also like to experiment. They can create customized reports in their AdSense account, and then try different colors, different ad formats, and different placement to see what is getting the best results for their sites.
You should do this, and continue doing this, until you feel that you are getting the best possible results for each of your websites.
What works on one website may not work well on another. However, according to Google and many successful AdSense publishers, placing a rectangular ad unit just below your headline, but above the main content of your page, will yield higher clicks. Also, placing link ads in, above, or below your navigational links will also increase clicks.
According to Google, if you elect to display image ads, you will have more advertisers bidding to have their ads show specifically on your pages.
This usually results in more money per click, and this is definitely worth looking into for your site. Make sure you use Google Channels and reports to find out if it is working out well for you or not!
Make sure that you disable on-site advertiser sign up. This is how advertisers can elect to advertise specifically on your site. This link will in most instances NOT make you any money when clicked on, and thus should be removed.
“Basic rule: - only use links that makes you money!”
More experienced AdSense publishers have learned to use section targeting. This allows them to enclose specific parts of their content within tags that causes
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Google to pay special attention to that section, and serve ads accordingly. This will help to keep the ads that are being served very specific.
If you publish a blog, as opposed to static web pages, you will need to do things a bit differently. You can tweak your template to have the ad code appear in the basic layout of your pages, but you also need to add the code at the bottom of each post that you make.
This way, on your main page, where more than one post appears, visitors will see the ads at the bottom of each of those posts.
It is always a good idea to find out what works for others. Again, each site is different, but this will save you a great deal of time in researching. Become a regular visitor to AdSense related forums.
There are many out there to choose from, and you can find a lot of useful information from other publishers who have already done the testing and research for you in many cases.
Believe it or not, Google wants you to succeed. When you succeed, they succeed. Read all of the information inside of your Google AdSense account. There you will find optimization tips and other advice that will help you get the highest possible profit from your Google AdSense ads.
One part that you should pay special attention to is the Heap Map, which visualizes where most clicks occur on a given site:
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Here are nine more things that you can do to improve your AdSense revenue:
1. Build An Empire: There are two ways to succeed with AdSense. You either have to have a very high traffic site, or you have to have a multitude of low to mid traffic sites. Most publishers have the latter.
When you build your sites, your first order of business should be to get them listed in the major search engines. However, you should also get listed in more specialized directories as well, and use traffic generation techniques such as article marketing, forum marketing, social networking, and social bookmarking.
2. Learn To Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics will give you a ton of information about the traffic that comes to your site. You can use that information to make adjustments and additions to your site, which will increase your AdSense revenue.
If you don’t make changes to your site, as analytics indicates are needed, you won’t make as much revenue as you would if you do make changes. Find out how people travel through your website to get better results.
3. Choose The Right Keywords: Choose topics based on keywords that get a high number of searches each month, and then check the amount that advertisers are paying per click for those keywords. Choose the popular ones that pay the highest, and then focus in on more defined niches within that niche.
4. Add Fresh Content: Adding fresh content on a regular basis keeps people coming back to your site, and also gives you the opportunity to have more defined ads appear on those pages.
For example, if you have a site that was built for weight loss for those who are wheelchair bound, you might have a page on there for exercises for these people. This page will have the ability to target ads that are of interest to wheelchair bound people that need exercises that they can do.
5. Choose the Right AdSense Ad Unit Format: There are three ad units that seem to work well, regardless of the topic or layout of the site overall. Those three are the 336 x 280 rectangle, the 160 x 600 skyscraper, and the 300 x 250 rectangle.
6. Put Enough Ads On The Page: Google allows you to have three ad units, one link ad, two search boxes, and two referral units on each and every page of your site. Use them, but be careful not to spam your site with
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
them! Some gurus may say “The more ads you have, the more money you will make”, however that is not always true...
7. Put The Ads In The Right Place: Start by adding link ads to your navigation menu. These will get a large number of clicks. Other recommended actions is to place ad units under headlines, a skyscraper on the right side of the page, and another rectangle ad at the bottom of each page, just under the text.
8. Set up Your Palette: Your ads need to blend in. Set up your palette so that the border color matches the background of your web page. The background color of your ad units should also match the background of your web page. The link color should match the color of links on your page.
Finally, the text color should match the color of text that you use on your page. I have found that the normal black text on a white background works especially well on content sites. Furthermore, always keep the caption link blue, because most visitors are used to links being blue, right?
9. Use the Google AdSense Preview Tool: You can find this tool inside your Google AdSense account. Use it to see what ads will appear on your page, before they actually appear. This will help you to tweak and tune your pages until it is displaying the ads that you want.
Here’s another great tool that may increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) – in just 5 minutes, it will enable you to potentially increase your CTR by up to 300% (No Joke!)
Adsense Backgrounds
( )
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
Final Words
Here we are at the end of this report and You’ve learned a great deal. The new found wisdom will definitely make you ready to start cashing in with your own Google AdSense sites. Let’s go over five vital points that I’ve covered...
1. You need more than one site, in most cases. One low traffic site is not going to yield you more than twenty bucks a month or so. If you choose high paying topics, you may net about a hundred bucks a month from one site. Ideally, you should have at least ten sites – but preferably, you will have a great deal more than that!
Work out a schedule for yourself. Publish a certain number of new sites each month, and add a certain number of pages to existing sites each month. Keep adding until you’ve filled up the amount of time that you are willing to spend on your Google AdSense Empire. Develop processes that you can follow over and over again for success.
2. You must follow Google’s Rules at all times! This is a huge pitfall for many. First, Google has regulations for your site, as to how functional it should be. Second, Google has rules pertaining to what your site may not include. Third, Google has rules about incentives for getting people to click on your ads, and they definitely have rules against clicking on your own ads.
All of these rules are in place to protect the integrity of the program – not to prevent you from making money. Before you publish your first AdSense website, go and read the AdSense Program Policy, the Google Terms of Service, and the Webmaster Guidelines.
3. You need traffic. You should be working on bringing traffic to your site each and every day. Write and submit articles, participate in the forums, get into social networking and social bookmarking. See if Google AdWords will work out for you. Do everything that you possibly can to bring traffic to your site.
If you have no traffic, you have no Google AdSense revenue. It is as simple as that. Most AdSense publishers divide their time, spending about twenty percent of their time adding to existing sites, or building new ones, and spending the other 80% of their time promoting their existing sites.
4. You must keep track of results, and compare results. You need to not only make changes to your pages, and track those results, but you must also track your advertising efforts as well.
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
By testing and tracking results for your pages, you will find out what ad formats, ad placement, and ad colors work best for your site. By testing and tracking promotional efforts, you will be able to see what techniques are working best in driving traffic to your site.
When you know what works, you can focus your time and energy on those activities, and leave the techniques that don’t work behind. This not only saves time, it increases AdSense revenue.
5. You can make a fulltime living from Google AdSense, but it takes time and effort. You apply for Google AdSense, get approved, and get the AdSense code on your site. The first day, you make ten bucks. You quickly add that up, and see that if you made ten bucks each day, you would make 300 per month from one site. You quickly add again, and see that if you had ten sites, all making 300 a month, you could quit your traditional job.
Unfortunately, that may or may not be true. Before you quit your job, make sure that you have a years worth of salary saved in the bank. This will prevent financial ruin in the event that Google makes program changes that affect your AdSense income.
Overall, if you are seriously considering ways of making a profit from running an online business, or are already running one and wish to expand, then it may well be worth your while taking a more in depth look at just what the Adsense program can offer you.
Good Luck!
Anders Eriksson
All About Residual Income With Adsense
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Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
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All About Residual Income With Adsense
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